A high energy business model.

We plan on producing products required by companies at your site or products with extremely high demand on the global market. Due to the integrated power plant we can achieve a competitive product price on the target market. With regard to industrial production we closely collaborate with German companies specialised in the manufacturing of these goods. This allows us to combine our expertise in renewable energy production with great engineering skills constituting the general basis of our economic advantage. Our product portfolio includes products that require a comparatively high level of energy in production.

Possible production enterprises

  • air separation plant to produce technical gases highly demanded by industry (such as oxygen or nitrogen)
  • electric arc furnaces
  • seawater desalination plants
  • computer centres
  • production of corundum, ferrosilicon, titanium etc.

The power of the sun. Our advantage.

  • 100 % solar energy at unrivalled low costs is used for the production of products that require large amounts of energy.
  • Thanks to a locational advantage and the symbiosis of power plant and production those products can be produced at favourable terms.
  • Our outstanding experience as a solar farm operator in Germany and our concentrated competence in the planning, construction and operation of high-capacity photovoltaic solar power farms provide our competitive advantage.

Our production cycle.

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